About the Breed

About the Breed: 

Standard Schnauzers originated in Germany. They were originally farm dogs used for eliminating pests, herding, guarding carts, and as watchdogs. 

The standard schnauzer is a working dog with high energy. They must be consistently exercised. They can excel in different activities such as tracking, rally, agility, and obedience. The standard schnauzer loves to be a watchdog, they can be territorial and quick to bark at any disturbance in the home. 

Known as the dog with the human brain, standard schnauzers are highly intelligent. They require lots of mental stimulation and are eager to learn, they are very curious and highly trainable. Their personality can be independent, suspicious, and a bit stubborn. They can make great family pets.  

Standard Schnauzers typically live 12-15 years old and are generally considered a healthy breed.